Event Details

Event Details

Dealing with Frustrations:  kids will learn how to calm themselves to manage their emotions.

Problem Solving:  kids will learn how to identify the problem and learn ways to solve problems with siblings, classmates, & friends.

Teambuilding:  kids will learn social skills of being on a team, working in groups and how to be a good at winning and losing.

Friendship:  kids will learn the do’s and don’ts of friendship, how to make friends and deal with unfriendly friends.

Confidence:  kids will learn how to build their self-esteem and confidence.

Each day will include lego activities to teach the lessons, games, role playing, & swimming.


Dates, Times & Locations

July 31-Aug 4      Girls and Boys  3rd-5thgrade 


Leader in Training: Middle School and High School kids



Sign up for both camps: THE EMPOWERED KID’S TOOL BOX FOR THE KING OF THE PLAYGROUND  $300. each.  You only need to register for one camp and note coming to both camps.  $600.  $200 deposit to reserve a spot.  Full payment 2 week before the camp.  

Before and After care is available through Birmingham Community Ed







Additional Information

*Do not register until you have received confirmation.
The Dragon Academy is a summer camp program that mentors kids with ADHD to train their dragons (barriers to success); master their emotions, confront academic challenges, and attain skills to deal with unfriendly classmates and bullying. Kids will discover their strengths and use them to meet life’s challenges.
Paraprofessional support is not offered for this program. This camp is geared for individual students who have the ability and are capable
of performing in dependently "but we are highly experienced in dealing with ADHDers!" Space is limited. This camp is designed to
focus on ADHD issues and is not designed for other mental health issues.


Please email for an application.
Questions about the camp or other program please call Drew Yanke 248-840-2699 or the Kids Empowered Coaching and Counseling Center 248-757-0912


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