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For kids that struggle with frustration and impulsiveness

Many kids and adults struggle with being in control of their response to situations.  Kids will learn how to choose "ACT" versus "REACT."   Often people blame others for the way they respond to a situation.  We often hear kids saying he called me a name so I called him a name back, she did it first, he made me, etc…  Sometimes kids become targets for bullying or other kids get them to respond inappropriately so they get in trouble at home or school.  Kids have a hard time managing their anger or frustrations.  Girls and Boys will learn ways to manage their frustrations and how they can respond that reflects self-discipline and inner strength.  Instead of feeling helpless and out of control, they can learn how to choose to respond that reflects the kid they want to be.





Dates, Times & Locations

Boys and Girls 7-11 yrs 

Leaders in Training:  Middle and High School kids

Saturday, October 14 & October 21     Time: 1:00-2:30

Location:  Kids Empowered Coaching and Counseling, Ste 101, 630 N Old Woodward, Birmingham, MI 48009

and Booth Park


Individual sessions: $35

Both sessions:  $60.

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