Our People

Kimber Bishop-Yanke, M.I.M.

Founder of Girls and Boys Empowered


For 20 years Kimber has trained nationally and internationally on bully-proofing your children. Kimber develops curriculum and leads programs for kids, parents, and professionals on how to build confidence and self-esteem, develop socials skills and emotional intelligence, and deal with unfriendly friends, mean-spirited behaviors, relational aggression, and bullying.  As a volunteer Kimber organizes Kids Against Hunger packagings and is an active volunteer for Kenya Relief. She has provided her program in Kenya and a number of other countries.  Email Kimber »

Drew Yanke, M.A. LLP

Adjunct Professor, Psychology Dept., Wayne State University


Drew W Yanke, M.A LLP is a local psychologist working with families and kids. Drew works in the area of ADHD and over the years has gained a very good understanding of how ADHD can effect children and the parents of these children. He also works with kids who are experiencing anxiety/depression, academic issue and mean kid and bullying behaviors
He is a husband and father of three.



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  Andrea Simon

   Therapist | Lead Instructor



Andrea Simon has over 18 years of experience working in the mental health field.  She graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and from Wayne State University with a Master's Social Work, with a focus on Mental Health.  Andrea began her career working in the Foster Care System, working to protect children and reunify families.  She then worked with children and adolescents in residential treatment, providing therapy to her clients and their families, and offering behavioral strategies to their caregivers.  Andrea also worked in the Community Mental Health system, providing therapy services to individuals of all ages. She effectively managed an Out Patient Therapy and Psychiatry Program, Behavioral Program and a Supports Coordination Program for individuals with developmental disabilities, including Autism. 
Andrea was trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy during a year-long training initiative through the State of Michigan in Lansing.  She is capable of diagnosing and treating individuals suffering from traumas of all kinds.  Early intervention is the curative factor in treating trauma and can greatly reduce symptoms from exacerbating and continuing into adulthood.  Andrea is now in private practice in Birmingham, specializing in treating anxiety, depression, life transitions, divorce, peer problems and social skills with children and adolescents and trauma.  Andrea approaches each individual as unique and her treatment approach is collaborative and tailored to the specific needs of her clients. 







Zein Ammari Sunna

Middle East Partner/Trainer

Zein Ammari Sunna, is a Jordanian entrepreneur who specializes in Child education via the classical and digital arts.
Zein Obtained her Bachelor’s degree in “Graphic Design” from the Yarmouk University in 2002 and a Masters Degree in ‘’Marketing Business Design’’ from the Online School of Design, New York in 2012. She has taken courses in Autism and Art, has been trained and certified from Kids Empowered. 
Her 16 year working experience include graphic design, marketing, teaching of classical and digital arts, and 
empowering of Autistic children via art.   Most recently Zein completed a course in Positive Psychology rom Pennsylvania University.