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Hate Assemblies?  Us to!   

Try teaching important life skills to 100 or more kids in one hour in a gym with terrible acoustics!  We believe that teaching kids how to manage unfriendly situations, prevent bullying, handle conflict, how to be a friendly classmate and ally are just as important as math and reading.


We are excited to offer a new way to teach these skills while being able to offer large group assembly pricing but teaching the lessons in small groups.   As a bonus parents are trained, and kids get to move from station to station that are fun and interactive. 

Teachers divide their classroom into two groups of approximately 15 kids.  Morning sessions can be done for K-2 and afternoon sessions for 3rd-5th grade.  Teachers or volunteers lead kids to five different stations led by Parent Volunteers who will teach skills through interactive activities. Lessons can be tailored to needs of the school but can include the following topics: 

  • Words to say to comments like “You are not my friend.”, “You can’t play.”, “I run faster than you.”
  • Tools to solve common playground conflicts like picking teams, which games to play, and who is out of bounds or tagged.
  • How should the voice sound when standing up to unfriendly comments
  • The do’s and don’ts of friendly classmates
  • Confident and Friendly Body Language
  • Knowing how to calm yourself in a sticky situation or problem



School Training Programs for Staff, Parents & Kids


Available Programs Include:

  • Classroom Workshops
  • Assemblies
  • Staff Training
  • Parenting Workshops
  • After-School Programs
  • Parent/Child Programs
  • Family Nights

Program Goals Include:

  • To be able to identify and manage unfriendly classmates, unfriendly friends, conflict, relational aggression and bullying
  • To teach kids how to stand up for themselves (assertive body language, voice, and the words you can say)
  • To teach kids strategies to prevent themselves from getting into a bullying situation
  • To motivate and teach kids how to stand up for others
  • To teach kids how they can build their own self-esteem and confidence and use their power to build themselves and others up and make a difference

Assembly Programs & Classroom Presentations


School Programs For K-1st, 2nd-5th Grade, Middle School


We would like the learning environment to be as conducive to learning as possible.  When planning the program please think of the learning environment you would create to learn important concepts in math and writing.  The smaller the group the better learning environment!


Please keep in mind the following:

  • Ideally there would be an assembly for each grade, the smaller the group the more interactive learning can take place. If you need to combine grades K-1st, 2nd-3rd, and 4th-5th  are good combinations. The information taught to each grade is modified for their age.
  • Having separate girl and boy assemblies are also an option for 4th-5th grade.  We request middle school assemblies to have separate assemblies for girls and boys.
  • The room should be conducive to presentations.  A room that fits the number of students is ideal.  Media Centers or multipurpose rooms often have the best acoustics and size for groups.

Option 1:

Assembly Program

  • $600 for the first assembly, $200 per additional assembly
  • Time:  1 hour for grades 2nd-Middle  ½ hr for K-1st

Option 2:

Classroom Presentation

  • $250 per classroom  (Over 10 classrooms receive discounted rate)

Option 3:

Assembly & Classroom Presentation Program

  • 1st time is for the assembly type presentation. The 2nd time we go into each classroom and help the kids process the info.
  • That typically is 3-5 days and $4000-$5,000. depending on number of classrooms.






Parenting Workshop

  • 1 1/2 hours $600
  • Multiple schools can do this together for the same cost
  • Available options / themes listed below

Staff Training

  • 2 hours $1000-$2500 (depending on the program)

Parenting Workshops


$600 for a 1 ½ hour program.  Available options listed below:


Stop the Meanness! Spread the Kindness!


Bully-proof your child! Help your child learn how to handle relational aggression, conflict and bullying. We will cover social roles, teasing, mean kid behavior, gossip, exclusion and strategies to handle these issues.

Unfriendly Friends: Our Children’s World of Friendship


Helping our kids understand & learn strategies for dealing with situations when friends don't always act like friends. We will explore "hot and cold" friend behavior, relational aggression, hurtful actions from friends, as well as friends who suddenly don't want to "be friends" anymore. Parents will learn how to help their kids make friends, keep friends, be a friendly person, deal with sticky issues & what to do when they experience inconsistent friendship. Parents will learn how to teach their kids the do’s & don’ts of friendships, how to be assertive with friends, & handle conflict.

The Building Blocks of Social & Emotional Intelligence


Learn over 30 ways to create an environment for your child that builds confidence, self-worth and personal power. Learn ways to be your child’s guide through sticky situations while helping them build healthy friendships and relationships with other kids, take opportunities, and build a positive internal belief system. Parenting styles and specific things to do with children to empower them will be included.

Assertiveness Boot Camp


Being assertive is a life skill every kid needs to have to: deal with bullies, negotiate, handle conflict, set boundaries, be taken seriously, go after their dreams and to get their needs met. Parents will learn about the different communication styles, how to work on assertiveness skills, and how to help their children be assertive in their words, voice and body language through role-playing and interactions.

Sibling Teasing, Conflict & Sibling Bullying


Teasing and bullying can cause more harm than the teasing kid or bully at school. Don’t know what to do about sibling conflict? Learn strategies for setting boundaries for your kids to minimize sibling rivalry, conflict & meanness. Learn how to support each child to help them become happy, confident and empowered children!


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