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 THE BUBBLE! (all ages) Being you is one of the biggest challenges   each of us face in life.  Girls learn about their own   personal power and how they own the beliefs they hold about themselves. They   learn how they give their power away when they let others make them feel bad   about themselves, are mean to others because someone was mean to them, make   decisions that are not right for them, let others walk all over them, and give into peer pressure.  Painted craft activity!


GIRL POWER in a BOX  (ages 7+) Having positive self-talk and thoughts are   critical to having a healthy self-esteem.  Girls will learn the power of   self-talk, affirmations and make an affirmation box.



FLOWER POWER (ages 7-10 yrs) Girls learn about all the things they need to   grow into a healthy happy girl. Discussion centers around self-esteem,   nutrition, physical activity, hobbies, friends and family. Poster activity.



CREATE A DREAM PILLOW: (ages 8+) Girls learn why self-esteem and confidence are necessary to go after the dreams you have for your life. Girls make a heart stuffed pillow. Time: 1 ½ hrs   $20 per girl


Yoga/Self-esteem workshop (age 8+ Yoga class & craft) Girls sew a fun eye pillow to use in yoga   sessions. Discussion is about how to become the person you want. Girls are   led through visualization during yoga to help them see how they can create   positive, confident feelings in their life Time: 1 ½ hours for $20 per   girl Parent/daughter workshop $30 per pair


FRIENDSHIP Rules with rules!- (ages 6-9): Today kids treat friendship with a hot and cold attitude. “I’ll be your friend if….” is a common threat made to manipulate friends into doing things you want them to do. This workshop  will teach girls how to come up with “fair” rules between friends that foster healthy friendship characteristics: trust worthy, dependable, loyal, kind, and fair. Girls have fun making a “Friendship Rules” craft.


UNFRIENDLY FRIENDS (7+) Helping our girls understand & learn strategies for dealing with situations when friends don't always act like friends. We will explore "hot and cold" friend behavior, relational aggression, hurtful actions from friends, as well as friends who suddenly don't want to "be friends” anymore. This workshop will help girls understand how to navigate the tricky world of friendship, in particular the confusion girls face when experiencing when inconsistent treatment friends.  Mother/daughter workshop available.


FRIEND OR FOE (6+) This workshop is all about the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of friendship. The girls will make a Friend or Foe Kit to represent the “dos and don’ts” and learn how true friends treat each other.




STOP THE MEANNESS, SPREAD THE KINDNESS  (6+)  The girls make a Stop the Meanness, Spread the Kindness Poster which is a visual to show girls the different roles kids play including Queen Bee, Meanie   Kid, Bystander, Doormat and the Empowered Girl.  This activity will show girls how when the bystander speaks up the meanness goes down.  Mother/daughter workshops are available.


BULLY PROOF ME (7+) Learning how to avoid getting into a bullying situation is   critical.  Girls make a poster activity to show them strategies and ways they can bully   proof themselves. This activity covers how to be assertive, confident,   empowered, and not to be a target.  Mother/daughter workshops are available.


PICK a STICK (8+) (6-7 yrs with animals) Coping with Bullies & Sticky Peer interactions: This interactive discussion teaches girls the different responses they can choose in a conflict situation and sticky social situations. Girls learn about four roles children often play in social circles: the Meanie Kid, the Bystander, the Doormat, & the Empowered Girl. They learn what it looks like to be mean, to be a bystander, to be walked all over and to stand up for yourself.  Girls do role plays.  Mother/daughter workshops are available.


STOP, THINK, GO! (5-7   yrs) This workshop uses   games and simple crafts to teach our littlest ones the “Do’s and “Don’ts” of   how to treat other kids- their friends, classmates, and siblings. This is a   great way to teach decision-making skills. Parents will love using this tool.


THE POWER OF WORDS (age 8+): This interactive discussion along with a craft teaches girls the power of words. The girls will explore both the positive and the negative impact of their words on others and their own self esteem. How words can be used to build people up or tear them down (including themselves!) Teasing, gossip, and self-talk will be covered.


Dealing with the Queens- From the Drama Queen to the Queen   Bee: (ages 10+) Girls worry about being popular, cool and   fitting in.  Girls are being mean through the use of cell phones and the   internet. Girls will learn about the importance of being themselves, making   decisions that are right for them and how to use technology in a healthy way.  



Assertiveness Boot Camp (age 6+) Being assertive is a skill and one that is needed to stand up to meanness, handle conflict and problems, ask for help, and to go after your dreams.  It is one of the most important skills that girls need to navigate their social world.  Girls will learn how to be assertive with body language, words, voice, and decision making skills.  Poster activity included.


CONFLICT RESOLUTION SKILLS (age 8+) Conflict is a normal element of all relationships. It is how we deal with it that can help or prevent us from being successful. Girls learn 7 positive techniques for handling problems so they can neither avoid nor escalate a situation with conflict. This workshop includes making a conflict resolution kit.


GET READY for MIDDLE SCHOOL (for 5th grade troops) The transition to middle school is an exciting (and sometimes) scary change, especially for girls who are already beginning the journey into puberty. We talk through their fears, help them see the positive growth opportunities, and give them tips andtechniques to ensure their middle school years get off to a successful start.



*Mother/Daughter Workshops:  $25 per pair or $30 per pair, 1 ½ hours, Min of 10 pairs


*Parent Workshops: $20 per parent, Min of 10 parents. Can be scheduled at the same time of workshop for troops  or separately.  1 ½ hours if scheduled same time as troop workshop, the troop workshop includes an additional ½ hour.


*Girls Nite Out: 100+ girls, 3 hr program includes workshops and yoga or hip hop!

$15 per girl.  Patches included. Check out Larger Group Programs on our site for details.


Workshops for girls only:

Minimum number of girls: 10

Price: $15 per girl for the first fifteen girls, $12 per girl for each additional girl over 15 girls  

(Price where noted:  $20 per girl for first fifteen girls, $15 per girl for each additional girl over 15 girls)

Over 50 girls includes patch & additional ½ hour

Deposit is $150.     Patches:  $2.00 per patch

Availability: Anytime; based on instructor availability

Location:  your school or smaller groups up to 15 girls at Kids Empowered Coaching and Counseling Center, Ste 101, 630 N Old Woodward, Birmingham, MI 48009  NOTE: Any workshop over 10 miles from the Kids Empowered Coaching and Counseling Center in Birmingham includes a $30 extra charge for mileage and time.





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