Tips for Parents

As parents, we keep our fingers crossed that our children will have friends and not be picked on. 


But there are ways we can be proactive and take steps to prevent our children from being targets of bullying. 


Bully-proofing your child does not mean that your child will not ever experience mean-spirited behavior from other children. Our children need to experience some minimal social pain as they will experience it as adults and they need to know how to deal with it. Bully proofing your child does not mean to avoid all interactions that might have the risk of causing social pain. 


The only way for our children to learn to deal with meanness is to actually experience handling it. It also doesn’t mean to avoid children who adults have deemed as bullies because our kids need to know how to get along with those kids to and those kids need positive peer feedback and not rejection.  The goal is to stop potential bullying situations before they ever happen.

Ways To Bully-Proof

  • Confidence
  • Having a Healthy Positive Self-Esteem
  • Being Assertive
  • Having Friends
  • Having Lots of Allies in School
  • Being Able to Identify if it is a Meanie Kid Situation, Bullying, Conflict, Problem, or Annoying Behavior
  • Having Strategies to Deal with Sticky Situations
  • Stopping the Meanness (Before it Turns into a Bullying Situation)
  • Being Involved and Connected
  • Being Taught the Skills to Deal with Sticky Situations (Conflict Resolution, Problem Solving, Communication Skills, Friendship and Friendly Social Skills)
  • Having a school culture were teachers, staff, parents and kids have a common understanding and language of the bullying/meanness issue, training and programs in place to teach skills to handle situations, and consequences for children who continue to choose bullying or meanie kid behavior after being given the opportunity to learn other ways to handle sticky situations.
  • Being Empowered

Kids Empowered offers school training in handling relational aggression, bullying and everyday meanness to teachers, staff, parents and kids.  We offer private group workshopsone-on-one coaching or counseling for children who are targets or need to build confidence and self-esteem.


We also offer several great community programs - Check out what's happening now!