Event Details

Event Details

Does your daughter get bossed around a lot? Do they feel walked all over or feel left out? Girls will learn how to beassertive in voice, body language and words. They will learnhow to deal with problems, conflicts and when someone is being unfriendly in an assertive way. Assertiveness is a

critical social skill in dealing with everything from getting help, to standing up for yourself, setting your boundaries to following your DREAMS!  Location:


Dates, Times & Locations

Girls Ages 6 – 8 & Moms       Saturday, Jan  27 9:00-10:30

Girls Ages 9 – 11 & Moms     Saturday, Jan  27 10:30-12:00

Middle School girls & Moms   Saturday, Jan  27 12:00-1:30



Kids Empowered Coaching and Counseling Center

1787 Big Beaver Road, Troy, Michigan 










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