Event Details

Event Details

These three sessions will focus on different social skills. 


Session 1:  Kids meet at Oberweis Ice Cream to learn the social skills and practice:  


*Being an active listener

*Being able to contribute to a conversations

*Taking turns

*Following directions

*Using words to be supportive and give compliments




Session 2:  Kids meet at the Kids Empowered office

Kids will focus on friendship skills

*Making friends

*Working through sticky situations and conflicts with friends

*Being a supportive, loyal and true friend

*What to say when your friend says something unfriendly to you



Session 3:   Kids meet at Booth Park

Kids will play fun games to work on sticky situations when kids:

*Make up their own rules in the game or change the rules in the middle of the game.

*Not dealing well with losing


*Being excluded

*Wanting to always go first or pick the game being played


Session 4:  Parent Session

Parents will learn how to teach over 30 different social skills.





Dates, Times & Locations

Sunday, September 10,17,Oct. 1  

Girls Boys 2nd-5th grade  4:00-5:30

Teen Leaders in Training  

Parenting workshop: Oct. 1 while kid session is happening   

Kids Empowered Coaching and Counseling Center

Ste 101, 630 N Old Woodward, Birmingham, MI 48009

Registration Details

$40 individual workshop

$70  for both workshops 

$25 parent workshop only

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