Event Details

Event Details

Don't be a target!  Having fun doing Lazer Tag while learning how NOT to be a target to Bullies and Mean Kids.  Kids will learn words, tone of voice, and body language to use when manging unfriendly situations.  Kids will learn the traps that some kids fall into when dealing with mean situations that can turn into bullying. 



Leaders in Training:  12-15 yrs

This is an opportunity for kids to benefit from getting leadership experience, being in a positive environment, and learning and practicing these social skills also!

Dates, Times & Locations

Saturday:  12:30-2:30

March 10, 2018


Registration Details

Girls and Boys 2nd-5th grade

Leaders in Training:  12-15 yrs


Individual workshops:  $45


$45 Program includes workshop and two games of lazer tag.


$40 if you sign up also for 2 of the following workshops, $35 if you sign up for 3 of the following workshops

March 3- Dragon Academy ADHD - Bowl for Skills,  Boys only

March 4- Shopping Blitz for Social Skills  Girls only

March 10-  Don't Be a Target (Lazer Tag),Girls and Boys

March 24-  Slime, Slime, Managing Sticky Situations  Girls and Boys


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