Event Details

Event Details

Many kids react emotionally to unfriendly or sticky situations and make the situation worse. This workshop will teach kids how to recognize when they are in a sticky situation and give them a tool to see they have options. Kids will also learn options of how to respond to typical playground situations so they have the words and strategies in their toolbox of options. Sibling conflict will be covered. Managing emotions and having social skills to respond appropriately to social and family situations.

Emotional regulation is our ability to manage our emotions in how we respond to situations. It is one of the most important predictors of success. If we do not have the tools in our tool box our emotional response may cause us to overreact in a negative way that impacts our self-esteem and escalates a situation.


Dates, Times & Locations

April 21   - Seaholm High School, Birmingham

K-2nd grade  11325     1:00-2:30   $30     Parent workshop 11326  $15

3rd-5th grade    11327  2:30-4:00     Parent workshop 11328  $15

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