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Develop playground social skills to manage unfriendly situations with kids who are always picking the team, deciding the activity, making negative comments or excluding. Build social skills that help kids be connected by knowing how to manage playground sticky situations and how to join groups. The playground is where most hurt feelings and sticky situations happen. Kids will learn assertiveness and problem solving skills to deal with rule changers, rule breakers, excluding behavior, and what it looks like to be a “good winner and loser” of games. Kid will learn words, tone of voice and how their body language should look. Kids will play games at different stations that teach one specific lesson. Games will include typical recess activities like Night of the Museum, Foursquare, and Soccer. Kids will role play situations that happen at recess.



Wear playground clothing and tennis shoes and bring a nut free snack and reusable water bottle. Also offered as Leaders in Training for Teens ages 12 – 16: Leaders in Training will learn skills participants are learning plus leadership skills. Leaders in Training to arrive at 5:00pm prior to the workshop for training on leadership skills.



Optional Parent workshop

BULLY PROOF THROUGH EMPOWERMENT Parent Workshop Parents learn how to bully-proof their children through empowerment. There are 12 symbols and lessons that represent ways kids can empower themselves, build selfesteem, social skills, and manage unfriendly situations with classmates and friends to prevent themselves from getting into a bullying situation. Parents will walk away with a personalized plan on how to build their children’s self-esteem and emotional intelligence. They will learn how to teach their children social skills, what words they can say when friends and classmates are unfriendly, and how their voice and what their body language should look like. Note: this optional workshop meets concurrently with the Kids Empowered Tool Box for the King and Queen Bee of the Playground. 

Dates, Times & Locations

Date: 11/10/2017 Fri

For kids 2nd-5th grade  6:00 PM - 8:30 PM  11035

Fee: $35.00


Leaders in Training (Teens ages 12 – 16)   5:00 PM - 8:30 PM  #11038

Fee: $25.00



Parent workshop  6:15 PM - 8:30 PM  #11041

Fee: $15.00



Location:  Seaholm HS, Birmingham, MI

Registration Details

Call 248-203-3800