Scout Programs for Large Groups

Organize a Neighborhood or School Troop Event!


Select one or more of our Kids Empowered workshops & schedule us to come to your neighborhood or troop council!

Parent Workshops: $20 per parent, Min of 10 parents


Can be scheduled at the same time of workshop for troops or separately.  1 ½ hours (if scheduled at the same time as troop workshop, the troop workshop includes an additional ½ hour).

The Building Blocks of Social & Emotional Intelligence


Learn over 30 ways to create an environment for your child that builds confidence, self-worth and personal power. Learn ways to be your child’s guide through sticky situations while helping them build healthy friendships and relationships with other kids, take opportunities, and build a positive internal belief system. Parenting styles and specific things to do with children to empower them will be included.

Stop the Meanness! Spread the Kindness!


Help your child learn how to handle relational aggression, conflict and bullying. We will cover social roles, teasing, mean kid behavior, gossip, exclusion and strategies to handle these issues.

Assertiveness Boot Camp


Being assertive is a life skill every kid needs to have to: deal with bullies, negotiate, handle conflict, set boundaries, be taken seriously and get their needs met. Parents will learn about the different communication styles and how to help their children be assertive in their words, voice and body language through role-playing and interactions.

Sibling Teasing, Conflict & Sibling Bullying

Teasing and bullying can cause more harm than the teasing kid or bully at school. Don’t know what to do about sibling conflict? Learn strategies for setting boundaries for your kids to minimize sibling rivalry, conflict & meanness. Learn how to support each child to help them become happy, confident and empowered children!

Pricing Information


Deposit is $150 (you will pay the deposit when you reserve the program)

  • Includes a 3 hour program, 2 workshops, and a patch
  • $15 per child
  • Minimum of 100 children
  • You pick the two workshops!
  • NOTE:  Any workshop over 15 miles from the Kids Empowered Coaching and Counseling Center in Birmingham includes a $20 extra charge for mileage and time.

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